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Confident Smiles

Full or partial dentures are an option if you need to replace missing teeth. These artificial, removable teeth can help you smile with confidence again and maintain good oral health. Missing teeth can cause a breakdown of the facial structure, aging you prematurely. Dentures can help maintain your youth and give you the assurance of a beautiful smile.

Complete Care

Dentures are an investment not only in your smile, but your overall health. The staff at Affordable Dental will confirm insurance benefits and review all costs with you prior to treatment so there are no surprises. We also offer several different payment plans to make your new smile affordable.

Custom Made

Affordable Dental custom makes your dentures here locally in Oklahoma. Dr. Chang will provide a consultation and treatment plan that will cover cost, number of visits and what to expect prior to beginning treatment. He is happy to answer all of your questions any time during the process.


Your treatment plan will most likely include two to three appointments to make sure your dentures fit perfectly. Even with perfect full or partial dentures, there will be a period of adjustment as your mouth accommodates having something new in place of your missing teeth. This process usually takes several weeks as your mouth muscles adjust to holding the new teeth in place. They may feel loose or uncomfortable. You may even experience excess saliva or the opposite, a dry mouth, or that your tongue is too big for your mouth. All of these issues are normal and should go away on their own in time, but you can always call our office with questions.

Affordable Dental custom makes your dentures in our own lab.

Caring for Dentures:

Just like natural teeth, dentures need to be brushed twice a day with soft bristled brush. We recommend rinsing your dentures after each meal and storing your dentures in water or cleaning solution when you’re not wearing them to prevent them from drying out. Handle your full or partial dentures with care as they are breakable.

Before putting your dentures in each morning, brush our gums, tongue, palate and any remaining natural teeth with a soft-bristled brush to stimulate circulation and remove plaque. Keep regular cleaning appointments with Affordable Dental every 6 months so that we can deep clean your dentures and check for any other issues with your oral health. Regular checkups and adjustments of your dentures can help increase the lifespan of your dentures, which is typically five to seven years.

Patient Satisfaction

Affordable Dental is your choice dentistry for your entire family. They excel in preventative and cosmetic care in Oklahoma City, Norman and surrounding areas.

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